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April 28, 2012

Full Transcript: Chen Guangcheng Escape Video

This transcript was not translated by me. My Chinese is not that good. It was sent to me by a Chinese friend...

Dear Premier Wen, with great challenge I escaped.  All the rumours and accusations of violence on me and in Linyi, as the litigant, I prove to you all that they’re all true.  The truth is only worse than what’s been spread online.  (00:34)  Premier Wen, I formally raise the following 3 requests from you.  

Screen: strictly punish criminals in accordance to law “Firstly, (I hope) you will personally look into this case.  Appoint investigation team for thorough investigation,  (00:57) and reveal the truth.  Who sent out the order to 70 to 80 county public security and Party cadres to enter into my house and violently beat us up and harm us with out any legal documentation, none of them were wearing uniform, and forbidding us from seeking medical care after being injured in the violence.  Who made this decision?  This must be thoroughly investigated, and must be dealt with in accordance to the law.  Because this thing is too brutal and inhumane, and will be negative to the image of our Party.  (01:33)  Over a dozen man broke into our house and violently beat up my wife.  They pushed her to the ground, covered her in duvet and beat her up for hours.  They also beat me up violently.  (01:52) 

I know many members of the county public security, including Zhang Jian, He Yong, Zhang Shengdong.  And Li Xianli, who beat my wife up several times around the time when I left prison.  (02:04)  And Li Xianqiang, Gao Xingjian, all of whom must be strictly dealt with.  There is another person, family named Xue, I don’t know the given name.  As the litigant I have the following accusations for all of these people who broke the law.  In their process of breaking into the house and beat us up, like Zhang Jian, he is the deputy Party Secretary of our  Shuanghou Township, in charge of Politics and Law.  (02:35)  He announced several times that “we simply don’t need to care about the law, don’t need to care about what’s written on the law.  We don’t need any legal process.  What can you do?” 

Several times, he brought people to our house to loot and beat us up.  Li Xianli, he/she is the one who illegally detained me for a long time with his/her 20 people.  He/she is the head of the first team.  (03:09)  This person beat up my wife several times.  One time he/she chased my wife on the street, took her off from the car and beat her up.  He/she also beat up my mother, extremely cruel and evil.  Li Xianqiang, he knocked my wife down to the ground last year.  He is said to be the staff or maybe head of the Justice Department of our village.  At the time, he severely injured my wife’s left arm.  (03:46)  The person who attacked Bell at the village entrance, according to what I know, is called Zhang Shenghe, who is a staff of our township.  He must be, what people call them online, “Army Coat”.  He stoned CNN in February last year too.  (04:11) 

It’s definitely him, that’s for sure.  I know this.  I heard that many netizens are beaten up by female watch guards.  I wasn’t aware at the time that female guards were hired.  Then I found out that these so called female thugs are all female directors from various villages.  (04:32)  Some of them are relatives of the team leaders, though most of them are village female directors.  There’re many more, I know they’re all from the public security system, even though if they’re not wearing any uniform.  (04:52)  Even though they don’t have any legal documents.  They even declare that we’re not public security, so I asked them who you’re, if not the police.  They say we are sent by the Party to do things for the Party.  I don’t believe in it.  (05:10) 

They might be working for a law-breaking cadre inside the Party.  Through information from various sources, besides 8 people in each of these teams by the village cadres, they hire at least over 20 people in each team.  There’re 3 teams, so that’s at least 70 to 80 people.  This year, because of the attention and participation from kind netizens, there are up to hundreds of people at peak time, creating a full blockade.  (05:48)  the basic structure was, taking my house as the centre point, there is a team (of watchers) in my house, a team outside my house.  The team outside are spread around my house, on four corners and on the roads.  And then, (05:59) there’re people at the entrance of each road leading towards my house.  Starting from the centre point of my house, even to neighbouring villages, on the bridges of neighbouring villages, there’re 7 or 8 people sitting there.  And then, these illegal cadres, using their power at hand, ordered cadres from the nearly village to accompany them there.  And then there’re people hired to patrol around in cars all the time.  The scale of patrol can be as far as 5 kilo metres away from my village.  (06:40)  Or even further. 

There are at least 7 to 8 layers of guards in my village.  All roads into the village are numbered.  As far as I know, there’re at least 28.  When they go to their posts, they’d say, go to #28.  It’s the same on all the road entrances.  (07:06)  There’s really fully armed every where.  I know that there’re up to 100 county security and officials who conducted illegal persecution on us repeated.  I demand thorough investigation on them.  (07:36)

Screen: Protect family safety in accordance to the law 

Even though I am free now, my concern follows immediately, because my family members, my mother, my wife and my child are still in their devil claws.  For a long time, they have continued to conduct this kind of persecution on them.  (07:58)  They might revenge franticly because of my departure.  The persecution might be even more relentless.  The orbital bone of my wife’s left eye was broken by them.  It still shows when you touch it.  Her waist was injured when they beat her up in the house covered inside duvet.  (08:21)  It still shows very obviously if you touch her waist.  And they inhumanly forbid her from getting medical care after the injury.  As an elderly mother, (my mother) was pushed over to the ground by a village party cadre on her own birthday.  (08:56)  She fell on her back and her head hit the door.  She cried heavily.  She said, “You’re doing this because you’re young.”  They said, “that’s right.  The young can do it.  You’re old and can’t defeat us.”  So shameless, so cruel and inhumane, so unjust. 

My child, who’s just a few years old, is followed by 3 people everyday when going to school, and searched.  Everything must be taken out from the school bag, and each page in the books are checked through.  He/she’s watched and not allowed to leave the school or the house.  (09:50)  And the situation in my house, the electricity was cut since 29 July last year, and was only brought back on 14 Feb.  My mother was banned from going to buy food since Feb. last year, making our lives extremely difficult.  That’s why I am extremely worried.  (10:23) 

I call for the friends online to continue your attention (to this case), and increase your level of care, in order to get to know their safety situations.  I call for the Chinese govt to ensure the safety of my family members, from the perspective of protecting the dignity of law and the interests of people.  (10:41) If there’s any problems to my family’s safety, I will continue to seek justice for it.  

Screen: punish corruption according the law (11:00)

Thirdly, people might ask, why did this thing continued for years and has never been resolved?  I’d like to tell everyone here, the decision makers and the executors on the local level don’t want to resolve this issue at all.  The decision makers are worried that their crimes will be exposed, that’s why they don’t want to resolve; for the executors there are huge corruption inside.  (11:30)  I remember in August, when they conducted Cultural Revolution style criticism on me, they said: “You said in the video that 30 million (CNY) was spent (on watching/controlling  Chen).  Do you know that this is 2008’s figure.  Now it’s more than twice the sum!”  (11:46)  “This does not include the money spent on travelling to Beijing to bribe high level officials.  If you are able to, speak it in public!”  That’s what they said.  Many people who’re hired said, “We’re given very little money, the majority is all taken by others.”  This is indeed a great opportunity for them to get rich.  (12:10)  As far as I know, money is allocated from the village to the team leaders.  For each person hired, it is 100 CNY per day.  When these team leaders hire people, they’d tell them that the salary is 100 CNY, but I’ll only give you 90.  I confiscate the 10.  Locally, a day’s labour is around 50 to 60 CNY, but by doing this, you don’t need to give lots of hard work, very safe, you’re fed 3 times a day, they of course are all willing to do it, even for 90 CNY.  (12:47) 

But for a team of 20+ people, the team leader gets 200+ CNY per day, not to mention the govt.  Also, according to my knowledge, during my detention, these people who watched my wife, they purchase the vegetable of their own land for the use of their team.  They sell and buy at the same time, and keep the benefits in between.  People are aware of all of these things, but they have no solution.  (13:27)  According to my knowledge, this fund for maintaining stability, the county can allocate several million CNY to the village.  They’d say, “how much can we get?  The majority are all taken by the leaders, we can only drink some soup.”  It shows how serious the corruption is in this, and how power and money are misused.  (13:56) 

Therefore, I ask Premier Wen to launch investigation into these conducts of corruption and deal with them.  The taxpayers’ money must not be used by illegal local cadres for harming people and harming the image of our Party.  (14:18)  All these shameful conducts are done by them in the name of the Party, and they say that the Party told them to do so.  Premier Wen, many people do not understand all of these illegal conducts.  Is it because of the illegal conducts by the local officials?  Or do they have orders from the central govt?  I think you should give a clear response to the people in the near future.  (14:50)  If thorough investigation is launched and the truth is declared to the general public, then the result will be obvious.  If you continue to ignore it.  I think… how will the public  think? 


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