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July 16, 2007

A Lighter Topic: Heavy Food.

I happened to be walking by the office of one of the local Bazhou newspapers the other day with a camera in my pocket. Since Chinese newspapers are displayed for public reading in glass cases next to the sidewalk, I was able to capture the stunning images you see below:

A huge camel kebab in Urumqi.

A huge pot of polo, also known as zhuafan, or pilaf in English.

The top photo shows a huge camel kebab that weighed in at 300 kilos. (Yes, those two lumps on the right are camel humps.) The bottom photo is of a huge pot of polo being prepared to feed 10,000 people. That's 300kg of rice, 300kg of mutton, 300kg of carrots, 80kg of oil, 10kg of onion, and 8 kg of salt. Mmmm... greasy!

This grand act of gluttony was performed in honor of the Urumqi Islamic Food Exposition held last week. That place must have reeked of mutton fat!

So pass me a hunk of that camel kaorou, will ya? If you can read Chinese, TianShanNet has an article and more pictures of the event here. Click here for the article translated into English.

Oh yeah... don't make me remind you again to vote for this blog over and over until your index finger bleeds! OK?


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Yum, i wish the internet had some sorta scratch and taste feature!

Well, michael, why don't you post your self on myspace or Youtube? I reckon you'll get heaps of votes.

Better yet, promote yourself in ads or telemarketing LOL!

The comment above was posted by Shockwave at July 17, 2007 06:18 PM unofficial Xinjiang time.

That's awesome!
Thanks a lot Michael for this "alamet kavap bilen polu" :)

The comment above was posted by chon_dada at July 18, 2007 04:09 PM unofficial Xinjiang time.

WOW. :o

The comment above was posted by Rebecca Yu at July 20, 2007 04:41 AM unofficial Xinjiang time.

Hey I wanted to comment on the blog you posted on July the 10th about the Christians.

You want to party and Christians interfere with that??? How so?? The God we (a Christ follower) not a religious freak!! serve is the God and Father of Jesus Christ. Jesus told us to spread love not judgment. So IF any Christian (so called) gives you a hard time then they are wrong in doing so. As a Christ follower we are not to Judge any one. BUT.... We are to tell any one ( KEY NOTE: ANY ONE WHO WANTS TO LISTEN) How Jesus Loves them and died for them. That God set laws and we broke them. the penalty for breaking Gods law (any of them ) is the shedding of blood ( death), because God is perfect. Well... :) we're NOT, so he sent His only son, read the History,- Jesus did no wrong to any one and was beaten and brutally punished and murdered just as the prophets 1000 years prior wrote and fore told. In the History the only man to fulfill all prophecies told about Him. Anyway sorry for the rant.
We are called to INFORM not (pound people on the head) of whom Jesus is and the God loves them and wants them to spend eternity with him. Jesus is like our attorney He paid the price for us on judgment day standing in front of the Judge He will say I have paid this persons fine they received my death as their price, and truthfully the only thing we have to do is except Him and Try our best to follow Him. He says we will fall short every day but by trusting in Him its ok. He will forgive any thing we ask. As long as we are trying to live for Him.

With out the Death and Resurrection of the man called Jesus Christ Christianity is a worthless lie.

So for the Christians in China they are only letting people who have never heard know their is another way that requires nothing of you other then faith.

With out a choice how can any one choose??

Kinda like insurance. When you want coverage you find the best policy. You want the lowest premium and the greatest reward with the best benefits. NOW Compare all religions and tell me which one has this. Jesus is the ONLY one to say He is God sent by God and ROSE from the Dead to set with God. He is the only one to say no one gets to the Father except through Him.

If in the end you had to be wrong or miss lead i Believe that I would rather be wrong by following Christ and its fake the to be wrong by not following Christ and spend eternity in Hell.

Pretty simple.

I want even go into the Love the fills your Heart when you have a relationship with Him. Man He truly changed my life. SO MUCH PEACE IN MY HEART So much Love i didnt know i could be LOVED like that. I know ... truly know what my eternity holds. Compared to this life span of about 80 or so year’s eternity is a very long time.

Hey Party away dude and when you, (IF... you), get tired of it... check out this Man for your self. Do some research on Him and see what you find. You may or may not like Him. But at least you will be able to make that choice for your self because you took the time to investigate. At the very least the BIBLE is full of amazing stories of our past. ( Lust, sex, greed, cannibalism, hate, pain, happiness, joy, laughter, action packed....) it has it all.

After all it COULD BE your eternity you are gambling on.

Live life to the fullest my friend and make sure you have no regrets.....especially when it comes to eternity.


oh yea check out the rate of crime and suicide among teens before and after the ten commandments were removed from schools. You might be shocked.

You dont have to be a rocket scientist to see that Chrits' way of living per motes healthy and safe societies.

The comment above was posted by marty at October 15, 2007 05:10 AM unofficial Xinjiang time.

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عبث الكاميرا
الركن الهادئ
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عالم الفضائيات
يوميات الأعضاء في رمضان
المنتدى التعليمي
- عذب
هامش زوار الركن الهادي
- قسم
الأخبار اليومية
قسم الأهداف
- قسم
دروس الفوتوشوب
المرحلة الابتدائية
المرحلة المتوسطة
المرحلة الثانوية
- كرسي
منتدى الانمي
وظائف 2010, وظائف رجاليه 1431, وظائف نسائيه 1431 , وظائف حكوميه 1431 , وظائف
جديدة 1431
كاس العالم 2010 , اهداف كاس العالم
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